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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

little galaxy of us...

                    I had enough of sad thoughts wandering, floating and juggling my mind for last Ten months. Its soon to be a year of my tragic twist of fate,,,,, 

I had been cursing my life, crying, and being jealous of my friends who are enjoying their college life, wearing cool clothes and studying in better places than me and enjoying  freedom (I didn't write the as Its not real freedom) which I had been planning for five long years, (sounds very childish from a mature writer oops blogger like me). My well wishers  advise me Try for D.U again, my reply is " No, Not at Cost of one year"  

Many think my life at home is pathetic , so the words are typed to answer the stereotypical baboon heads, who think studying outside home, living alone is freedom... (I was one of them too)  

But the strange question they ask "Is my present life as pathetic as they feel?"

So here we go:-

My life is alive, as you you  have read before about my family, we are family of four, but with loving pets... But in technical way we are scattered around three places, My Father is posted to the pouch of Silchar (city of Assam), my sister in City of joy, and in home Mom and me...

So failing to Join my beloved D.U, had a plus point!!! I am with Mom, hence I can look after the Little naughty girl residing inside her... My Mom is a woman of dominating and free spirit...  
I wake very late, and bathe as long as I want, I have delicious breakfast everyday.... 

I go college riding my bicycle, enjoying the views of nature. Risking my life with road full of heavy vehicles, my dupatta (long scarf) conspiring to kill me, gets stuck in the wheels everyday just minutes before I reach college..

 In class I feel superior (a little lie, no superior but really shocked) as most of them never heard of Charles Dickens but  Chetan Bhagat , my class is unique, where poor Shakespeare becomes Drama, heartbroken Othello dramatist, Jane Austen.... lets not tell... but making me the good girl, popular among my professors, and my major mates little jealous of me, but what I feel my condition really is - Among the blind the one-eyed Girl is Queen. My major mates are no stupids ( actually some have sharp memory, and writing skills, but they are not either aware).., though I know little more than them still I am second, as Mugging Up is the way to go policy done my mates (which I cant)...

I go to coaching classes where I keep talking and talking my poor teacher listens to me,.. But the only places I like to be are, the Bookshop  - 'Book n Book' and the flyover. The bookshop is one place where after coaching classes I keep hankering around for a hour or two every week, The owner is the only book seller whom I met, actually reads the books and provides reviews... He always shows me expensive books and I always find the less costly one (we have a understanding you see).  

In home I have my mother, my grandmother and my cousins (they come to our home at least thrice a day)  who never read my blog-posts but listens to them ( as I have to read them out, that's the condition of a aspiring writer like me.). My Satirical family is very supportive when it comes to criticism... 

We go shopping, now its become a ritual Mother and daughter go hand in hand to market and keep buying new outfits... Again she makes me jump into kitchen garden, or we share the sunset with a bowlful of grapes...Or running after Little, Kakri, or Goldie, who say " Catch me If you can, butter on your Pan"

At night I study, I enjoy my dinner, and then, sometimes Mom and I watch movies, sometimes she reads me out Bangla Classics, sometimes we are husband hunting for my sister, sometimes we listen to Rabindra Sangeet in Youtube. Goldie to comes and joins us on my Laptop  saying "I love Music too Didi"  ... Or the most obvious I keeping talking about affairs, who ran away with whom, which of my classmates has boyfriend, what my notorious best friends are upto and my Mom listens to them and gives her valuable comments but without remembering a single word I utter to her ears ...

Now I want to ask, how many can actually trace their one-day of life??? 

Does my life look pathetic enough? 

P.S-  It is easy to take liberty for granted, when you have never had it taken from you. ~ Dick Cheney

thanking you to bear with me

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  1. This one is the Best in the series so far. So Miss Blogger you never mentioned that you've a bicycle too.
    So here's the PUBLIC DEMAND. Waiting for a photograph of your bicycle and you together with a bunch of flower at the front of the handle and you wearing a big sun hat.

    The blog is lively and pleasant.
    And No! your life is faerie-some. At least I would love to live a life like you.

    Enjoy life, no need to change the University. Read well and write well.

    Take care Cycler....err.. Blogger!! :-)