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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Carnival of Family Zoo

 A family that prays together stays together....

My family is a nuclear family (technically) yet  forever a joint family of increasing number of pets , we are member of four- my beloved modern day Subarnalata Mom, followed by my short tempered Old man- Papa and Guardian-angel of me and a Shopaholic princess my elder sister.. But off course My maternal grandparents and cousin brother and sister are part of the family...

Today, words are penned not for them but my other family members... Yes my pets are not just pets but my brothers, sisters, granddaughter etc etc..., So here I write about the members who cant speak, but love and love you, until they are called....   So they are...

In this carnival of life, we are animals and our life a zoo, well our zoo has more creature than  zoo of others..


Well she came to us from my cousin brother's Cat Minni's first born batch,. My mom asked my brother to give Jassi's brother who was very similar in colour. Three kittens were born, and she was the tiniest of them. But when my mom went to bring the kitty, my cousin brother, camouflaged her to us...  When she came we thought she wont live long, but fate had other plans... out of all the kittens she became most beautiful. She can be called a perfect cat. High concentration, goal oriented. A great hunter, search cat, thief , and serious , cruel mother... But of course Romancing younger and handsome cats. just like her mother  That was my Jassi Paul. Her name came from a popular serial aired then. When we called her she would be there,. When we would go out of station she wont leave the house, but starve on the roof and wait for us.  She can be termed as Hachiko , may be even better. But all great life come an end, we don't know if her life ended, as she is missing for last  ten months. If you are up there may your soul rest in peace....

When he came he was the world's naughtiest puppy, with lovely eyes. Little Paul got his name for one reason- when he arrived he was tiny ball of White fur. I loved him, everyone loved him. He never gave us a quite moment from the day he has stepped in. A rare dog who loved snails, cow dung, and any other rubbish we asked not to eat... But later he became the best brother...   A watch dog for whole lane.. Everyday our love increases for you. He loves cat, he hates his race, but his best friend was Jassi. Now he hates food, and only remedy to his mood swing is one word Mummy !!!!
 Hence is called Shada Baba :)

Daughter of Jassi, she was the first alive kitten from the third born batch , with her brother Dimmi. She is a tabby. Opposite of her mother, a failed hunter, jolly, graceless, loving mother. Her name came to her from the Bangla word Kakra meaning crab. Her nails  are poisonous, when she was small, she used walk over us with scratches, cuts which use to cause itching. She has a record of roaming around the neighborhood, Romancing really Old toothless cats, and producing ugly babies,. Hence Kakri Paul it is..      


The most loved cat of all time, Goldie Paul. Bought by my sister, after bringing him she became bankrupt. Now we Mom and Dad are on verge of being Bankrupt.  An expensive delight to our new house, and eye candy to Mom and me. Well he did not have name for the first few months of his life. As my sister was so mesmerized by him, that she failed to find a name for him. He too like Little has problem with good food. He loves taking stroll at roof garden without permission. His characteristics are rare, as he is eternally sad, no expression takes place, other purr purr purr!!!!    

 Kakri playing on my books
                                                                                                                           Little and Jassi (BFF)



 Jassi's kitten...
Puchu Dey

They are just my family members, gone and present. We have Puchu Dey ,, Jassi's beautiful daughter with her one week old tabby kittens and rabbits in my cousins family, . Again we have Jassi's and Kakri's kittens sent to our Maid's  village.Finally we have a orphanage ( my friends tell so, just the open veranda in ground-floor. ) for stray dog Tommy, and her elder son Bondhu, and two daughter Tiktiki, Kethri Jr. and Lengru.  

 If they had been human, I bet except Jassi none could pass out High School, all of them suffer from ADD.

P.S- This family eats together, but I wonder if we pray together, as we are busy in, shouting, Barking, and Purring :)

thanking you to bear with me


  1. may be in one of your future blogs you may give words to the voice of these animals....like how they behave, what they might say to each other, their anger and passion etc. But this is a good one. Also the new look of the blog is awesome.

  2. too good :) but would have loved if u had given them dialogues. waiting for few more blogs on each of them :) :)

  3. I would sure try to write and give them words, I am little weak with direct sentences. But will try my level best....

  4. where is adrija di's cat???????????