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Friday, 13 January 2012

13th Friday :P

How could I miss such a auspicious day?
No I cant, though I didn't have a misadventure, or twist of fate, yet I cant stop mumbling, So here are few words on a Just Another Day.....
 as whole day has past, and its minutes to midnight, yet, I did not fall, break leg, or get kicked off college, or been asked to leave home.....
And my dad came to home, today, with  grace of God he is fit and fine, .........

Friday the 13th a day hated  all over the world, pathetically we call our selves modern yet we fail to clear our mind of darkness.
So what misfortune did I have today?
I am down with fever and to my good luck  I didn't go to Pink College,.
So I fail to see anything unlucky for me, Its time to wake up.
 Stop blaming, days, number, year and nonsense logic for ill-fate.

Well new year began with 13/jan/friday/2012, so lets jump and pack our bags, because world End's on   21/12/2012...... that's a Friday toooo

P.S-  we will be medieval till the end of time, one feet on boat of logic and one feet on boat of superstitions

thanking you to bear with me

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