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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

she cant travel, isn't she a........... ???


So paulOaries  is all set for a new adventure ( not exactly ).  She has packed her bags twenty four hours before her  departure time. She has put her pocket money in bank and taken her Debit card with her. Her best-friend is already praying to God to make her calm down of excitment, as he has been bugged alot. Her excitement knows no bound after long time.
                 But nothing comes easy for paulOaries she has to fight her way out. Well she is not arguing with anyone, but of course carrying a BIG moral support from the Joint Account (her grandparents),   Grandpa D. is all against her hopeful venture. Grandma D. is  with word missiles which present the bitter harsh truth that  paulOaries is a born coward. Rather paulOaries   would claim  herself  to be on the other side of bravery. She has been raised a princess, But her family (Grandparents)  must understand she needs to let her wings fly. She has already lost the war of leaving Pink College. So let her live her way once...... Her father is afraid but he is letting her touch her joy, her mother is always with her... Her sister advocating her, her cousins actually waiting to see her cry when her train leaves.

1. Her elder sister went to excursion when she was in 12th grade, her cousins the 11th and 8th graders have already gone to school trips. But she never got the chance.....
2.  paulOaries is damn tired of  being capitivated   in her own loneliness which claims to be solitude and working on her future plans.
3. The FINAL and main reason is she wants to watch Twilight: Breaking Dawn part I in theater. Its one of her Favorite book series and movie series. She is already a month late to watch it due to her first Semester Finals. She cant miss watching Bella getting married to Edward.

The  Element of surprise , paulOaries is going to City Of  Joy  to be with her elder sister and enjoy her winter break. But why does   Joint Account think she will get lost, or cry in an 18hour train journey????

 Hopefully she hopes her one dream comes true, and doesnt get twisted by the negative reaction she has always got.       

P.S- and she has printed her ticket kept it in  her purse, taken her Id card, and a small journal carrying the list of  Books she plans to collect,  a list she wants to do., and good birthday present for her best friend.

thanking you to bear with me

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  1. once again! paulOaries rock! bravo! happy journey to the galaxy of excitement.