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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

My Shoes :)

Hello, these are my blue canvas shoes. I hope you recollect your memory,, I  wrote few words about  them.

These are the shoes who cursed my multicolored Flat HEEL shoes.  Look they are so happy.... as I wore them to the wedding.                                                                                                              

This shoes have now become my identity in Pink College, so have to respect them ......

Well, this is me the modern Gypsy, - paulOaries,

 I feel connected to the gypsy tradition. They have always  made me curious. They travel, they dance, they are free, and to top it all they are fashionable. They  are bright and vibrant towards life. So again the witch in me got restless,  and on my aunts wedding I ended up wearing a green printed raper, a black tee , a scarf, a side  purse, overcoat, and my blue shoes. I missed the bandanna for my forehead .   Well I wore all this under suggestion of my sister and Mom. But my cousin sister said I was not looking good, do I care what a 8th grader thinks???? Nah.... to me it is live life a witch type - Careless, Tameless, Aimless, that's all me......

P.S-  this shoes have magical powers, they are dirty and  bigger then my feet, but they never come off.,  neither do they let me fall....

thanking you to bear with me

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  1. haha....good-one, after a long time enjoyed reading ur blog...