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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

how to kill a dreamer


Well today I am at the peak point of my pessimist mind, my optimism is long gone out of the window, hence , I write about How to kill a dreamer ( Mentally )

1. Since Dreamers childhood let IT be an outcast.

2. Let IT create IT's  own imaginary friends and world, where IT is the pie.

3. When IT is in grade V let IT be on IT,s  own, no guiding, but keep making her realize IT is                                                                    
    useless , no use , just a damn trash.

4. At the time of entering  the  period adolescence, let IT's mother leave IT for few months, this will make IT tameless wild .

5. Then crush IT's first dream of playing in the school Taekwondo Team, let IT cry all night with out  IT's mother when IT needs her most to know about the changes around IT.

6. Let IT learn IT is useful, IT participates, IT again harbors a dream to grow, in grade VIII, let IT create a dream of escape about IT's life in IT's dream university. 

7. When IT"s results of  of Grade X, may be its bad, but let IT's father pinch IT's with his unsupported words, let IT's hard work be mocked.

8.  After two years of hard work when This Trash gets it's desired result, take IT to THE dream, let IT touch , feel, make IT happy, let IT throw a big party, let IT announce in FACEBOOK i got in so and so college.

9. BUT when IT is about to execute the plan  let the man who never cared about IT's dreams be with IT and turn IT's dreams to dust,. and make everyone unhappy. 

10. Than bring IT back, not technically but make IT live IT'S worst dreams, let IT be mocked, let IT be called MISSED DELHI GIRL, , let the blame of  failed dream be on IT.

P.S- hence let the dreamer in IT die everyday, as IT will burn in anger against no one and remorse IT cant tear down from IT's eyes.  Tomorrow IT has exam but IT cannot study as IT died on 19th July   2011.

thanking you to bear with me

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