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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

a glimpse of my trip ....

Well here I am back from my journey  since words are not  accurate medium to express my excitement and happiness, so I have got the divine idea of presenting twisting and different angle of my trips in pictures.. 

 The post is dedicated to the lovely two boys  Antriksh and Saptarishi, with whom I had a wonderful train journey, and you guys showed  the child in me is very much alive..... Hope one day you find my blog and read it.... Thanks for the name you gave me Natasha :)... God Bless you, may you grow and achieve your dreams.....

on my way from home 
 on my side upper bunk

 A Baul ( nomadic singer )
 another Baul

My First Ever Tram Ride......

                               But I got scolded by the  Tram Officials :(

                        No one ever said me taking Pictures of Tram was Illegal......

In  Murshidabad, THE place which changed history of our country and Asia...... 

 In the house of Jagat Seth

 my shoes couldn't resist paparazzi
 in Hazaribagh
 The Hazaribagh
, a tale of 900 real doors and 100 false doors

found a white horse

 my feet on tum-tum ( Horse Cab)
 Kochi our horse,
 Kochi and her owner
 Side angle

 On train back to city of Joy

 My Feet in Bolpur  (  Santiniketan ) a place I wanted to study, but couldn't. A place which makes the witch in me mad to crave for unwanted. My dream came true thanks  to my elder sister.
 In Paush Mella

a place for Art, Culture, literature and spirituality, who knew the Bauls in my train were omens which were telling me my dream to be in this place will come true.......

Bongs cant live without Food, After all Varun Bhaiya( brother) couldn't resist the Puchka Spell, but sorry Bhaiya, I had to edit you out of the Picture to hide my Identity :)

the lady in black is an unsung artist like rest in our country, lost in the quest to fulfill hunger....

I love junk ornaments.......

same for him, they wont reduce rates, we wont buy handmade stuff at high rates, ultimately , we all ruin  culture and craftsmanship in our soil... 

 IN VICTORIA MEMORIAL :  a place where person should visit when she is in school , but everything comes late for me, hence I saw this place after passing out High School ... so late but never is my lesson....

obsessed with foot wear , found a torn one in Victoria's Garden ...

Just A Christmas for  City of Joy but for first time I saw the real celebration with my eyes... Reality Check :)

                                     someone standing near the snow-man,  I wanted to capture the snow-man

                                          the big Teddy or a Dog at the entrance of the Mall :)

a different X-mas Tree.... always decorated miniature trees , but this one was grand :D

ON MY WAY BACK TO HOME listening to music and reading book,

P.S-  this trip was a memory of life time, though I failed to watch Twilight Breaking Dawn, still, every thing was worth it..... and I will keep adding more elements to this post as I collect all the items.... I need.....

thanking you to bear with me

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  1. This one is the bestest I must say.

    I liked it very much. The picture tells the story as they say. But here the picture tells the story and the story re-tells the story of the story teller. I liked all the pictures. Two of them were simply great.

    One is the first picture under 'In Paush Mela'. It looks like a Gladiator movie is going to start.
    The other one is the torn footwear in Victoria's Garden. Your obsession with footwear is comprehend-able.

    :-D :-D Very nice. I'd keep on revisiting this special post. God bless You!