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Thursday, 24 November 2011

the tale of box

                                       Why was Pandora given the box?  A gift from the Greek Gods.  A box that was never meant to be open.  A box filled with the evils for world, emotions and desires. So was it a proper gift to the First mortal woman of world?
                               The story tells the result of disobedience towards Almighty.  The box was a test, which was designed to make one fail.   Pandora opened the box out of curiosity. All the evils fly out but Hope remained. 
                                                          The world suffers from every worst nightmare one can imagine. The times are changing; a tempest of confusion is every where. Yet life never ceases. Every obstacle man faces never stops him, he moves, till the end. The growth of imagination is taking various path to discover unknown.    Zeus  married Pandora to Ephemetheus, the brother of Prometheus who had stolen Fire and given independence to mortal man.  Hence the anger of Zeus over stolen fire led to the trick of box, in which Pandora fell. He knew that being descendant of Adam and Eve, she was to be pray of temptation.
                                        Every problem man faces is a test. Every failure is a  preparation for next war.The process  of   curiosity never dies in man. So life breaks free from the conventions and with hope in heart she proves every impossible is possible. The curiosity led man become human and aware of his world. Every invention, every word that’s printed are result of the inquisitive mind which strives for better, unknown and beyond.     The Knowledge of choice given by the Apple made man see the two sides. The good is born with us, the bad is induced in us, but Hope makes us man then mere creatures.
                               After all man’s curiosity was to become baseless if he had no reason to motivate to him, the war science, the non-biblical works of man were all result of curiosity. So Hope stays in the heart for better times, poets kept hoping, every moral of story speaks of hope.  Hope directs the soul to right path, and makes tameless curiosity strive for the Twilight of Eternity…. 
After all God too had the hope to take man back to the Garden of Eden. He too wants Satan to reform, repent, confess and hope that God will embrace him back.

P.S- After all the box was meant to be open or else we would have been hopeless and Eternally pessimist.

thanking you to bear with me

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Bookshelf ......


Well finally, after begging, bugging , nagging and irritating for over a period of one year :- I got my own hanging  BOOKSHELF .... It may not  be a beauty, but I love it... Though I don't have much book collection either.... so for now its satisfying.... I should be happy that my Grandpa gifted it to me ( technically second hand ).

Well it was a study table with some lockers, which  came to our house, when Grandpa made it for my elder sister ( that's how its second hand ) . After my sisters rejection to study with it, it came to me,.  Well in its earlier stage, it was decorated with candle art ( I tried to beautify it with liquid wax ).  But too my utter disappointment it was ruined,. Seven (7) years earlier when we had to transfer, it became a cupboard, where my clothes went in,. In a period of  ten years it had become old and dust to my eye....  I called it debris, often, now I feel sorry .....
  But , this bookshelf would not have come to life, if the design given by my  Elder sister was to be created.  After we moved to our new home six month back, it would have turned into dust if it was to stay on terrace for months to come.. .....   If the idea of giving rebirth had not come to my Mom's Intelligent Brain....... So now my Bookshelf is great after Plastic surgery....
 So we come to another happy ending story....  paulOaries living happily with her  Bookshelf in present.....

P.S- reality bites.....

thanking you to bear with me

Monday, 7 November 2011

Princess & Princess

What happens when two Pampered Princesses are together???
What happens when both have a huge age difference???
What happens when both are greatly similar? 

Well this happened when Grandma D. and Granddaughter P.  were on there way to Bank...  Grandma D. is in her 70's and Granddaughter P.  is in her 18th year.

   . Grandma D.  has always been pampered and cared and loved all her life. She is a beauty who knows she is a beauty. With short temper and red pointed nose she has been the head of family... But she is soft in nature, but occasional out break of angers are seen- leading to aimless   missiles of word  being launched at everyone, but mainly  Grandpa D. ( her all time target ).  Grandma D forgets and doesn't recognize her  papers lately.... but never accepts this.... 

Granddaughter P. is actually her copy, Example- Huge and cute Cheeks, Big forehead like some fish       ( taki mach ),  Short temper, Anxiety stricken and tension lovers. A pampered princess from birth too, who never did any work her self.  She is anti social too often found similar to Cave man ( she is called junglee ) Well she too has aimless missiles of words, which no one catches as she is so fast.... she speaks without breathing...     

 Grandma D. fought with her daughter and elder granddaughter, accusing ( not technically ) them of loosing her debit card and passbook,. hence both brave ladies decided to let both pampered princesses go together to bank pilgrimage... so that both become independent and self reliant at age 70's and 18...

So on appointed day Grandma D was ready and was waiting for Granddaughter P. who after her Royal bath was not yet finished with her lavish breakfast. Grandma D was getting hyper and irritated when she was watching Granddaughter P eating one pea at a time... but finally after lots of plea the peas were gobbled faster.
Hence both  sat on the rickety old auto with a young driver. And jumping and flying through the bad road they reached The Bank.... Soon Grandma D. was seated in the chair with her form, and in no time she found her new Debit card, which was lost by Senior Granddaughter P...  But she got worried as Granddaughter P had not received her new debit card yet. Meanwhile Three calls had taken place by Grandpa D.  after all princesses need to be monitored. But Granddaughter P received her card after twenty long minutes.

Both Princesses went out to buy one bed sheet - ended up buying three, and some clothes. Then they were walking the road when Grandma D. wanted to buy some sweets, but Granddaughter P.  dragged her inside the auto & were on their way back...

ON reaching home Grandma D broke in with the complain of  being dragged in auto , and Granddaughter P giving classic excuse Grandma D. cant walk properly, To which again red pointed nose and  puffed up cheeks started the war of words, but Missiles again drifted from target to main target Grandpa D.          

P.S - Princesses never change

thanking you to bear with me