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Monday, 10 October 2011

pink college BLUES

From today Starts my Pink College Blues........

  After a week of holiday, the college will be back in front of my eyes. Trust me I am living my worst Nightmare... This college has everything one doesn't want to have in her Dream college and has every thing of - Worst nightmare.

First Nightmare - Uniform..... yes a Pink and White color uniform. That's known as Salwar, rather wearing it is a WAR it self. From uniform comes the name Pink College.( my Creative mind) Imagine a Rope around your neck,, Chains on your feet and  Reviling Shield made to protect you but you feel captivated and nude?

Second Nightmare- Horrible class rooms.... yes whitewashed rooms, but walls  decorated with Modern Art- Stains of Pan spat out by dear students. My major room is so tiny, that it makes me feel I am sharing a coffin on my funeral day with  twenty  (20) other living  people.

Third Nightmare - Horrible subject combination , Yes I don't see the point in studying subjects I  have no interest in.... Truly  I loathe Logic which is most illogical subject ever, do forgive Logic lovers. I hate Education as a subject which I scored a  90 in my High School Finals. I want to study English only. How does  it feel when you  only want Chicken Pie, but are also forced to eat carrot juice and  spinach??? same feeling...

Fourth Nightmare-  The male dominating mind of College, yes. its true.... the value of a Equality is missing from the very basic level of education. My college stands with Chauvinism, yes it does its underneath those low mentality of people around  " and " I wont cover up.... Just Imagine a college guy saying your best friend WEAR a white Blouse?? in front of  whole class?????

 Fifth Nightmare - We study with animals, believe me we do. You will find, Cows, Goats and Dogs etc ..... just before the holidays a baby lamb ran in and out of our classroom, were lecture was taking place , next time may be a baby elephant will run,.
Finally every topic ends up in a HUGE topic called Marriage????
  Sometimes it makes me think do I attend a College of civilized Humans or Not.......This  college has got a B+ grade last year, and this year they hope for an A??? duh Who gave it a C even?
If I was a college inspector, I would have given a F- ..............

 P.S- This place  is a mental torture for someone like me who loves to grow and enjoy their studies.....
I have Visions that I might end up being a COLLEGE DROP OUT.........................................

thanking you to bear with me

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