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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

pearls of wisdom: GREED

         Once upon a time a  girl and her family were  guests to her aunt's home. ... A wedding was taking place, blushed cheeks, wet eyes, and boring talks  were visible all around. This made the girl bored and uneasy, and her lovely father noticed her restlessness....
      So the man took his restless daughter for a walk around  the market. He said," Look at all the Faces, and say what  do you see?" Daughter replied ordinary, satisfied people with life....  The word Ordinary and  Satisfaction made a one sided conversation of life time... ....  
                              This care for daughter and restlessness of mind resulted in a Pearl of Wisdom, an unique and original one....

The Man said:

"Never do my daughter fall for the ordinary, if you wish to be just a face in crowd you better be a mask. If you aim ordinary you will achieve nothing.  The happiness of ordinary is predictable,. But never equal to the happiness of surprise given by life. The charm of ordinary is hard to repel yet may you never be just a name...... Dream big till you are in the Box one day...."

"Never say I am satisfied, always work hard to improve and change. Life means never to stop.. You have to be the North Wind which shall not stop for one.... Be greedy for more, greed makes you awake, it makes you dream, it makes you alive..... The reason to live is you, not what others define.. Satisfaction is to be attained when you knock the Great Door and you are unified with Thee..."

What do you think, what is that we want from life satisfaction or  to live every moment the way it is?

P.S- I choose greed to live life.......

thanking you to bear with me