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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

My Friend Spoonerism.......

Have lot to talk.... But where to start ?? A classic Dilemma we suffer from..... Well I suffer from Spoonerism      ( not at serious level but mild one ) and this two dear buddies have created many embarrassing moments for me... Once I was on stage and was suppose to say "Merry Ho" but the fate had something more funny in plan - and it became" Herry Mo " and this was first time I noticed this beauty OF Spoonerism.. From then there was no turning right for my beloved Tongue... Then whenever I began speaking in class occasional outbreak of new words were seen.... But thankfully no one ever knew that I was suffering from the above twist of fate.... Till now no one knows it, no one truly not even my family..... But spoonerism was a bliss to me really.... for her I began to speak more clearly and rather fluently.... Sometimes its fun to be a laughing stalk of class too... But the secret to overcome this little devil is simply don't give her any importance and she will disturb you less...... BUT the Spoonerism Devil is very cunning too... YOU see I don't have her disturbing me off lately.... Somehow she manages to enter  my Vocal cord and mind.... this resulted in a very funny conversation with my friend once..

my friend :-  why didn't you reply to my Message
me :-  you see my cell phone was telling me MESSAGE    FENDING   SAIL
my friend :-  what???
me :- I said that MESSAGE    FENDING    SAIL ( still unaware of the devil in my head)
my friend :- message what?
me :- oops Message Sending fail ......

Again Spoonerism is also an literary technique. Many writers and scholars used this device to mock and satirize popular figures and create an amusing environment. I am lucky to be born with inborn literary qualities, I was destined to be a writer. So Spoonerism is going to help me achieve my dreams.       

  P.S-  SPOONERISM is a little smart devil then I am......

Thanking you to bear with me........

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  1. aha..IMPRESSED..well written....!!keep the good work..