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Monday, 3 October 2011

the battle trip to home

the intense BATTLE of seventh   day....

GOOD morning my imaginary readers (sorry). Happy Durga puja... The Goddess is back to defeat the Demon Mahishaur . BUT we Bongs celebrate PUJO in our own spirit of delicacies, new clothes and a list of endless....   But it would be over simplification of this great event...... Materialistic aspect is just one part of this Eternal battle of Good and Evil.  MAA Durga comes to visit her baaper bari ( parental house may be in plain translation.) too. THE most lovely aspect of the pujo is we receive her as a Mother and when she leaves we  see off  her as a DAUGHTER . But she comes here not only to kill one demon but to kill the demon inside us,,, in every heart- the selfish look, the unkind souls, the fake smiles and so on.... We celebrate this grand pujo every year for over centuries . But a Bong becomes Bengali only when he hears the sound of  Dhak,. The air has different joy, the heart feels to go and just let your self feel  the divinity of life, the beginning of life, and the never ending spirit....  The GOOD always Wins over EVIL...... the eternal battle is at seventh day today .... Happy SAPTAMI my friendsss.......   ten days of battle  seven down three more days to go.......

P.S- She will win again.

thanking you to bear with me

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