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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

the inner Witch


                   Ever since, God has put the power to interlace wishful thinking with reality in my head. I have gone bonkers. Truly, I suffer from a disease  called Day Dreaming. This ailment is really  dangerous one.... No cure, no other way out to reduce it.... This has made me believe I am a Witch. But a good one of course....
                     Luckily no witch hunting takes place where I live. I do believe I am a witch to the extent that  I almost  bought spell books... The only reason no one will think I am one as, I know no spells, have no witch's kitchen, no broom, no hat, no long ugly nose or face. Neither do I live isolated in woods.Nor I am follower of Satan... I am plainly fascinated to the word witch. 
 Witches in ancient time were like the medicine man. No bad in intention. People always associated witches with witchcraft and black magic. But again the society was always under Man's sole, they might have hunted the so called witch who were independent in ideals, liberal in mind and were against conventions .  No one knows what was the truth...
 I have always idealized  a witch , she appears  a woman who represents  whole ideal of true WOMAN. She is alone, isolated yet feared, she stays single and is unapologetic to any deed of her. She cares no society, no bondage, no authority: - She is a Free and Ideal Modern woman.
                          So I feel the urge to be a modern  Witch, not wicked but of course standing to my Ideals. There is inner witch in each and everyone of us. The  Path we choose makes what we are not what the world brands us with... Relations make us woman, Education makes us respected , Standing up for what we believe makes us Followed. All three together makes us a WITCH.
                I have my respect to every witch in this world who was hunted, who were and are fighting for Rights, who are raising kids alone, who are single yet happy,..  The inner Witch in me has motivated me to go forth and speak what I want. I fear no one ( a little lie).  WE have to free the trapped witches  in our hearts..... and say better a Witch then being Which One on  man's lips.................

P.S :- Yes someone was right, in that huge old tree it was I who was trapped not the wizard, but the                              

thanking you to bear with me

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