a terrible painter, a dreamer, a rebel , a feminist and a self certified bisexual Witch. Who is always trying to visualize whats on the other side of the canvas she paints,just another human- Living alive Life. Now also a green tea addict.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

introduction to all

Hello, do pardon me before hand..... for my wrong spellings and improper grammar... I am new to the world of internet and greedily trying to learn to use my new laptop. If you are reading my blog ( In my dreams I know, and my elder sister is not regarded as a reader, sorry Didam  ). Out  of  box though, I am a student in first semester in a horrible college doing major in English Language., yes my college sucks and my dear readers I will be irritating you about PINK COLLEGE {not real name} days and my never moving life......  Please don't think I am a pessimist ,  but I am an ETERNAL OPTIMIST ........ My life at present sucks in college, it seems i will be stuck in this jungle of  aimless and dreamless people.( please don't think that I consider myself superior ) Its simply that i don't  want to end up in being ordinarily normal..... welcome to my blog.... waking for my dreams is what I am  destined for..... please read my little insignificant words.....

P.S- I am my words :)

thanking you to bear with me

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