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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

from the diary of INSIGNIFICANT one.... : part I

part : 1 POEM

( its not good I do not expect  it to be either, but I felt I should Share my words with everyone no matter how bad I write ,,,, Do Forgive me for saying the word Poem)

I heard her moving
When  I turned back,
She was gone

She was not my Past
She is not my Present
She will not be my Future.

But she was Born,
With me
And she will not Die
With me.

She is my companion
My only comrade
Yet not my Guide
She is : My HOPE

She was born with me
But she will stay forever
After I have GONE....

One day she will
Mature to Reality
She will stay Forever
To fulfill the unseen......

But now she plays
As she hides again....
I wonder
Will we win together ever...

 P.S-  (its neither  decent , my  apologies... to my dear readers time and again.
but I am in a mood  to speak out my words......)

thanking you to bear with me,

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