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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

from the diary of INSIGNIFICANT one: part II

Part : II

  Once, I was attending an Art workshop, it was a gala event for any twelve year old at that time. Being and over enthusiastic all my life, I was there in every place learning  less but hopping more.  This Workshop had given me one of the ideals of life, which I follow. One episode is still planted in my mind.
          On the last day of workshop, we had a  Question and Answer session  with Chief Artist. He began his lecture with the topic  " Creativity and Perspective "  ( big Words too me than). Soon he began to ask questions. This one question has changed the angle  from which I view the world.  He asked say one thing that is the need for an artist, dancer,or writer , tell me the name of one force that is the Reason of Creativity.  I answered , Imagination, I was right.....
                                One  of   the reason we exist on earth is because we could Imagine of better life. The basis of evolution is imagination. God had created Garden of Eden, as he could imagine it. Every grain of life is the result of Imagination. A life without imagination is a life without soul.
                             Often we say a child to be lying when he says he has big monster as friend. But the process of Imagination is only successful when the child in us is let free to Imagine. Imagination is something as natural as tempest...It should blow off every doubt and take us where the heart goes. The aim of life is to live, and life must break free from every bondage and travel a world of vibrant imaginations.,,,, We must live a mark in the world, before we depart bag and baggage..
                      The word Imagination has made me work hard all my life, as well as live every moment bad or better. To grow as photocopy makes one survive but never live. To be same and imagination less is as equivalent to being a soulless  body walking around ( Zombie ). We all are stuck in labyrinths  of our own mind, trying to win, trying to be ahead, but never looking around the beautiful path of life.....
                 The reason of  Creativity is Imagination, Imagination is the end of  Blankness of Mind...

              P.S :-    next time if you see a old huge tree.,  Imagine it to be a Wizard   trapped in the tree.

thanking you to bear with me

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  1. next time if you see an huge old tree. I'd Imagine it to be you trapped in the tree. he he. I go one step ahead of your imaginative power. wish me luck