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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Diwali treat to me

this is a real story, Diwali treat to me.......,
                                                                     Being an super coward and highly cracker phobic I expected my Diwali to be  same, like all the years gone by.. Me sitting and watching my brave elder sister and fearless cousins enjoying with crackers. TO hide  the truth about my brave heart , I keep chanting the great words SAVE ENVIRONMENT , but technically it has no effect,.  All my life, Diwali has terrified me most.... 
            This Diwali something more embarrassing was stored in my Fate... rather more typically "Me" story was to be engraved in my legendary life....
            After being pushed and pulled, and lot of lectures I agreed to go out with my Elder sister and Devil Cousins. The plan was simple, we were to visit certain Pujias that came in our diameter of safety. So we all got furnished and fragmented ,.
  I being a very pretty young lady discarded my blue canvas shoes for my Huge Flat Heel shoes. Those shoes were bought by me for 150 bucks ( my pocket money) in sale...They were lovely and multicolored. Who knew that this would hurt my lovely blue canvas, that they would curse me...
               So we were on our way, and after watching two Pujias and munching down Egg-rolls, we were on our way to third Puja. This Pujia  was taking place in a temple. So I was little  hesitant  to open my shoes and enter. But to our luck we could were the shoes and go inside. We saw the Puja, took snaps. and gaily were on our way to fourth Puja. 
                But my Blue Canvas shoes had complained Maa Kali ( Goddess Kali), that I chose brand-less sale shoes over them.  Maa had also seen that, I was not willing to open my shoes to enter the temple. Hence the curse and complain of Blue Canvas paid heed in her ears.  She said " let her be shoe less"
               So soon my Sole ( my huge white flat Heel) came off, in front of the queue of Children guarding the entrance....  Laughter broke out, my own huge smile was high on air too. I was not so much in shame but my lovely sister and cousins were Hence I bade my lovely shoes Adieu. was on my way shoelessss...
                    WE walked out of there and I was in my green socks.. a lovely scene to watch. and somehow we manged to get an auto back home... But my cousin brother has not  forgiven me, and my Facebook wall is filled with Shame On You .........    

P.S- Diwali is always up to do no good to me..

thanking you to bear with me


  1. ha ha ha......now i knw the secret behind the sock photograph in fb. ha ha ha.....gr8 blog. gr8 sense of humor and wordings

  2. hehe....!!i knew it...hard luck i forgot to take a snap then n there itself :( eagerly waiting for next such mis-adventure..will surely take a picture.