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Thursday, 6 October 2011

being PER-FACT

Perfect is a perfect word itself, wholly , beautifully , from every way its perfect. Now perfect is one of my favorite words from limited list of vocabulary. Everyone wants to be perfect, trust me every soul in this World wants perfection in her life.. THIS love for perfection is the root cause of dissatisfaction in our perfect lives... TRUE but reality.
                      In this struggle to be perfect, we end up being PER-FACT, not perfect...
  CAN a human always be perfect? NAH! Never! ..... Did I say 'always' ? OOPS...... All I wanted to say was  does attainment of perfection is ever possible? But whats our notion of being perfect? Good education, good job, loving family, enough bank balance and bla and bla.......
                 I have heard people saying God is perfect. Okay he is. But how we human know if he is perfect? And why he is perfect? And did Anyone see THE ALMIGHTY ????
 No answer, for above , but with due respect to GOD, I say that perfection to us is something abstract and  infinite , and some source that's unseen is PERFECT.
                    So we can say every one, each one aspires for perfection directly or indirectly :-  hence we run for INFINITY, somewhat which is equivalent to ZERO. Wow everything in this world ends up in Zero! A Zero! Funny  right? 
          Now lets come back to PER-FACT, not perfect. Each and everyone of us try to show we are perfect. But how we do it? We do everything per-fact, to make our self perfect (oops), to think we are perfect. We are always well polished. well dressed, well spoken, well behaved, well and well always per-fact. We do things to fit in, we like things because others expect us too do so. In place of perfect and being original we become copycats, scanned version of each other. So     "PERFECT"   is the instrument of "PER-FACT"..... Did this confuse?
                                You are not perfect neither am I. Why ? We are still unaware of what we crave for Perfection or Per-faction ? We never bother to find the difference, or you never noticed until I put it before you. WE fall in love, we stay with them,  but we forget to love. WE earn, to live, but we forget life.
We all are perfection obsessed. So am I. We crave for  BEST, but fail to see best is hidden in us.

WE love per-fact, we crazy for perfect. BUT per-fact rules the mind, so perfect has no chance to exist. DID I CONFUSE?  that says all we are not perfect but PER-FACT......

BUT I am not  perfect, with BAD spellings, illegible handwriting, and  in-correctable grammar , here by  I Proudly certify myself as IMPERFECT.,
see the magic of the word  "Imperfect"  it says "I Am PERFECT"

P.S - Well   Napoleon missed perfect.... !!!

thanking you to bear with me,

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